About us

As a cutting-edge and innovative wheat processing company of Central Europe, we think together with our partners and jointly figure out professional basic materials to improve their products. 

100 %

Local owners – Our factory was founded and built on local know-how 
Local wheat – The wheat our Company processes is always certified neighbouring crop 
Local product – In every production stage, we pay special attention to the fact that all our product components are of high quality origin 
GMO-free – the raw materials and other supplies used in the production process, and also the finished products themselves are all GMO free 
Waste-free technology – in our plant, which is environmentally friendly and has been built with the best technology available, all parts of the wheat grain are processed and then sold in some kind of finished product 
People-centered – our key assets are our employees, because we can implement our goals and strengthen our market position through them only. We support our colleagues if they want to learn more; we organise inhouse and outsourced trainings to continuously broaden their knowledge and to enable them to follow the latest trends. We recognise the hard work of our colleagues with competitive compensation packages.   
Customer-centered – our customers are our priority, because we want to establish long-term partnerships through our customized solutions, knowledge-based services 

Founded in 2015

Our company was founded with the aim to create the only plant in Hungary that produces high-quality wheat-based products that go beyond milling. Our factory will start operations in the last quarter of 2018, and its more than 250 employees will process 250,000 tons of wheat and produce starch, alcohol and feed. Our perfectionism, continuous innovation and groundbreaking solutions complement our services, so the products of the Viresol brand will soon offer proven technological advantage to our customers.  
As a people-centered business, we are happy to invest in our colleagues and we do our best to attract the most talented employees to our factory. Our aim is to become a prominent regional centre of innovation and knowledge in our industry.  

We are proud

The cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology of our Company 

The minimum CO2 emission of our products and our small ecological footprint 

The innovative solutions applied our plant, with which we are consciously contributing to a sustainable future 

The achievements we have attained through the commitment and hard work of our employees 

Our profession of faith

The key to outstanding products and best services for our customers lies in the understanding and experiencing the needs of our partners. We are ready to deliver new requirements, develop pilot products and implement the requirements our partners have regarding our products. 
We give momentum to product development and bring innovation to wheat processing. 

Our aims

Becoming a key regional player in our industry To deliver the requirements our partners have regarding our products to the maximum possible extent Continuous learning and innovation which enables both our company and our colleagues to get to the forefront of the industry