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VIRESTAR Native wheat starch

White powder like material with starch content more than 98%, shiny surface. its odor is neutral, its taste is free from foreign flavors. Compared to starch products made from other raw materials VIRESTAR wheat starch is the optimal choice in many industries due to its whiter appereance and more balanced quality. 
VIRESTAR can be used in many fields in the food industry. The most important advantages of native starch: the particle size, the gelatinization, swelling and viscosity of the starch, for example in the baking industry or in the making of bakery products it is particullary significant. 
For making high quality paper products and corrugated cardboard gluing is also a great choice of VIRESTAR wheat starch, for example due to the guaranteed protein content of less than 0.3%.
Paper bag 25 kg, Big-bag 1 t, bulk

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